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Police Forms

SLNoForm NoDescription
1Criminal Data Enrollment FormFor enrolling Criminal data to Criminal database. Operator will use this form before enroll data in workstation.
2BP. Form No -10Command Certificate to be carried by Police officers deputed on duty.
3BP. Form No -11Statement of Railway and Steamer warrants issued in connection with the escort of Government treasure during the month of ............. 19................
4BP. Form No -14Index of Crime
5BP. Form No -17Progress Report
6BP. Form No -18Personal Diary of
7BP. Form No -28Hue and cry notice
8BP. Form No -29Report of Intestate Movable property from .....................station ........ district
9BP. Form No -30Account of sale of intestate Movable property sold at .......... stolen ........... district.
10BP. Form No -31Chalan of intestate Movable property from .....................station ........ district
11BP. Form No -32Notice
12BP. Form No -40Post card reporting the submission of charge sheet by Police Station officers
13BP. Form No -40APost card containing the message of submitting Charge Sheet by the there official
14BP. Form No -41Brief of a case
15BP. Form No -41AMemorandum of Evidence
16BP. Form No -43Intimation of action taken to informants on completion of investigation by station officers
17BP. Form No -43APress Release to the journalists by the thana authority of the completion of the investigation
18BP. Form No -44Search list Details of property seize by police officers action under the provisions of section 103 or 165 Criminal procedure code
19BP. Form No -45Identification of suspects
20BP. Form No -46Application fo the suspension or remission of sentence under section for Criminal Procedure Code
21BP. Form No -48First Information of a Report Case of Unnatural Death to the magistrate under section 174 criminal procedure code
22BP. Form No -52Police Station Finger Print Slip
23BP. Form No -53Particulars of the Prisonerts traced
24BP. Form No -53 (concld)Form to be submitted with the F.P slip of Unidentified Prison of
25BP. Form No -55Warrant Report Form
26BP. Form No -56Register of Warrant of Arrest
27BP. Form No -57Certificated of Dispatch from Police Station and receipt at headquarters lock up of prisoners
28BP. Form No -58Case diary under section 172 Criminal Procedure Code
29BP. Form No -58Memorandum of expenses incurred on account of traveling expenses and food of prisoners at police station ............. and on the way to the hazat at ........... during the month of .................... 19.
30BP. Form No -59Bad Character Roll
31BP. Form No -60Bad Character Roll
32BP. Form No -63Register of attendance of Village Chaukidars and note book of crime etc
33BP. Form No -64List of Chaukidars absent from parade during the month of ........19
34BP. Form No -66Register of absecounded offenders and escaped convicts
35BP. Form No -67Report of attachment of property under section 88 criminal procedure code
36BP. Form No -68Register of property stolen and of all property and articles taken charge by the police
37BP. Form No -69Khatian Inspection Register
38BP. Form No -70Part 1 - form of station statistics for the .........
39BP. Form No -76Enquiry Slip
40BP. Form No -78Part 1 Crime Register
41BP. Form No -90Form of Application for Remands
42BP. Form No -91Register of Processes
43BP. Form No -92Monthly Return of Unexecuted processes for the month of .........
44BP. Form No -93Finger Print Form
45BP. Form No -94Finger Print Slip
46BP. Form No -95P.R slip
47BP. Form No -96Concld Dispatch Cheque
48BP. Form No -97Jail Parade Report
49BP. Form No -98Register of unidentified persons sent up by the Police
50BP. Form No -99Statement showing the Result of Traced Case
51BP. Form No -100Register of Property Recived in the Malkhana
52BP. Form No -101Daily undertrail Case Report the court officer of
53BP. Form No -102Cort officers of appeals
54BP. Form No -103Result of Appeal
55BP. Form No -106Bail-bond Register
56BP. Form No -107Register of persons convicted of heinous offences
57BP. Form No -108Index of Conviction Register
58PIMS User login ID creation and cancellation formPIMS User login ID creation and cancellation form
59Form for Civil ID Number and ID CardForm for Civil ID number and ID card
60Form for Poilce ID Number and ID CardForm for Poilce ID number and ID card
61ID Card Rank Change FormID card Rank change form
62ID RegulationID Regulation
63Integrated CDMS User Identification FormIntegrated CDMS User Identification Form
64Online News Archive Management User Identification FormOnline News Archive Management User Identification Form
65Web based PIMS User Identification FormWeb based PIMS User Identification Form
66Mission Completed Officers FormMission Completed Officers Form